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Is IKEA FAMILY an IKEA fan club?




IKEA FAMILY is for people who see their homes as an extension and an expression of their personality. It’s for people who appreciate the IKEA mission of making affordable and functional designer furniture available to everyone.


IKEA FAMILY is different to regular loyalty schemes. We want to get to know you, our customers, and so we reward each purchasing visit you make to our stores, regardless of how much you spend.*


The more you visit the more you get from us!


If you like IKEA, you’ll love IKEA FAMILY because you get so much more from IKEA when you join. Including;



25% off selected products from the regular IKEA ranges

25% off the exclusive IKEA FAMILY range

Free home furnishings magazine

Offers via e-mail


Not to mention you’ll also be the first to know of upcoming promotions, sales, and events happening in the world of IKEA


IKEA FAMILY is completely FREE to join, so to start taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits by signing up today, online or in store.


Once you receive your membership card remember to swipe it every time you visit IKEA to log your visit.


IKEA Social Initiative


IKEA Social Initiative was formed in 2005 to address the company’s commitment to investments in social programmes on a global level. What once started as IKEA’s fight against child labour in the supply chain has developed into a broad commitment “to create a better everyday life for the many” children.


IKEA Social Initiatives mission is to improve the rights and life opportunities of the many children - creating substantial and lasting change. Our main partners are the two leading global organisations for children's rights, UNICEF and Save the Children. Background


In the mid 1990s, IKEA and many other companies became acutely aware of wide-spread child labour in South Asia. This was the starting point for IKEA’s fight against child labour in the supply chain. As a first step, IKEA worked with Save the Children to help formulate a child labour code of conduct, "The IKEA Way on Preventing Child Labour," which clearly states that all actions taken shall be in the best interests of the child. With that in mind, IKEA knew it was not enough to simply monitor compliance at IKEA suppliers but wanted to extend its commitment to the communities beyond the factory gates. The approach


The IKEA Social Initiative is focused on children's right to a healthy and secure childhood with access to quality education. Our main partners are the two leading global organisations for children's rights, UNICEF and Save the Children.


IKEA Social Initiative shares common values with its partners and those values begin with children. The IKEA Social Initiative invests in a range of programmes with a holistic approach to create a substantial and lasting change in the lives of children and women; improving their health, enabling access to a quality education for children, and empowering women to create a better future for themselves and their communities.


We are in this for the long haul with substantial and long-term investments in children, believing that we must work for the many children, and the needs of the children who are most in need must be addressed.




The IKEA Social Initiative believes that many small steps yield big results and takes its lead from IKEA’s core values in striving to invest in simple, cost effective and meaningful approaches.


IKEA Social Initiative has chosen to concentrate its long-term commitments on South Asia, and especially India, where the needs of children and women are great, and where IKEA has long business experience.



National community involvement


The IKEA Group is involved in many national and local activities. Below you can read about those that are taking place in your country or your local community. IKEA FAMILY supports the Woodland Trust


As part of our continued commitment to the environment, IKEA FAMILY have teamed up with Woodland Trust.


Here at IKEA we care about keeping our customers happy by offering low prices and fabulous IKEA FAMILY offers. But we also care about keeping the planet happy by being socially and environmentally responsible. Our partnership with the Woodland Trust reflects that responsibility and we're proud to support them.

Read moreCharity and sponsorship requests


Is it possible to make traditional business objectives and social and environmental responsibility work together for the benefit of the many? We believe they can work very well together.


IKEA makes good business while being a good business. We realise that we are only at the beginning and we have a long way to go but we are proud of the results achieved so far.


IKEA CSR activity involves three main areas: children, better living and environmental projects.


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